Updated And Improved

Well, updated the theme. They have lots, lots that cost too. But since I am rarely here, just went with a really simple theme. They do have a nice feature where all the sites are integrated from this one. That’s cool. Plus they have this new, improved posting. Not sure how I feel about that though.

Discovered site has ads and that one has to pay to remove them. I have no idea what ads show as I have Ad Block on my Mac. Doesn’t show all the time either. Not on my iPad. I don’t like ads but then my other sites don’t have them. Cost to upgrade ¬†and remove them about same as what I pay to host multiple sites at Dreamhost.com.


Advantage of WordPress.com

Harder for someone to hijack one’s domain as has happened today over at my non-WordPress.com blog. Wonder if I’ll ever get it back. All those years of blogging, gone. I’ve gone from being shocked and angry to just plain sad, crying over my loss.

It wasn’t even a high-traffic blog. It was a low-traffic mostly of late cat blog with a little commentary, no advertisements, nothing to set it apart as being a domain worth taking. And yet it was hijacked.

Why are people so cruel?

Update: Was a severe misconfiguration in Apache. Why are people so dumb? Severe was an understatement, gargantuan error. All fixed now.

And I took steps to lessen the chance of it being actually hijacked since it wasn’t. Don’t want a repeat. Of course, that won’t stop the techs from making those errors.


Discovered I can drag and drop modules in Dashboard. Also minimize both the modules and the sidebar. Dashboard is way more informative, even shows where I have commented. Comment moderation is much easier too, keyboard shortcuts even so Mac-like.

And I am using very little disk space here so I can upload more pics, lots more pics. Except I have even more unused disk space over at Dreamhost where my main blog is hosted.

I also changed my Gravatar, didn’t even have to log in separate. Cool.


WordPress.com is using 2.7. Cool. It has a feature to close comments on old posts which I find very desirable. I’ve only updated the test blog to 2.7. Me chicken.

Discovered it when I decided to post on my difficulty commenting on a blog on Blogger. I was logged in on Blogger yet couldn’t comment. Tried in two browsers. Even tried Name/URL, no luck. Finally able to comment using my WordPress.com ID in Safari. Weird.

Anyway, if anyone is curious who iMog is, it is I, Mog of mindofmog.net. Might be obvious from the links or the pic of Meowza who is quite recognizable.


Not to this blog, satisfied with the theme but to my other blogs. Testing plugins there and more slowly themes. I do like to change things around every now and then.